Window Tint

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Automotive Tint

Geoshield C2 Carbon

Introducing Geoshield C2 Carbon, a cutting-edge nano carbon film that seamlessly combines aesthetics with high-performance technology. Crafted using the latest advancements in the industry, C2 stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. One of the standout features of Geoshield C2 Carbon is its impressive infrared (IR) rejection capability, boasting an outstanding 77% reduction. This means that the film goes beyond mere aesthetics, actively contributing to temperature control and providing a comfortable environment. Elevate your space with a film that not only transforms its visual appeal but also creates a comfortable, protected environment that lasts.

Geoshield Pronano Ceramic

Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic Automotive Film represents a groundbreaking evolution in window film technology, setting new standards in both performance and aesthetics. The Pronano series is at the forefront of innovation, introducing a next-generation automotive film that ingeniously blends color-stable polyester with nano ceramic particles. The fusion of these cutting-edge materials creates a hybrid film that stands out for its exceptional features. Geoshield Pro Nano Ceramic showcases an impressive 76% infrared (IR) rejection, making it highly effective in minimizing heat penetration and ensuring a comfortable interior environment. Additionally, this automotive film offers a 99% ultraviolet (UV) rejection, providing robust protection against harmful sun rays.

Colored Tint

For those who are looking for a very unique style, Omnique Designs Colored Tint is what's for you. Offering a large range of colors and shades, there's a film that fits any style. This film offers up 100% UV Resistance along with 92% IR Rejection.

Ask us about our bundle deals for colored and smoke tint installs!

Benefits of Window Tint

UV Protection

UV rays take a toll on fabrics, leather and plastics which absorb UV light and then fade, change color, weaken or break down. Block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays.

Accident Protection

​Upon impact, or after a window shatters, automotive window films help hold together fragments of glass adding an extra layer of protection for you and your passengers.

Increased Privacy

Automotive Window Films provide increased privacy for you and your passengers.  Deter prying eyes and protect your valuables with tinted windows.

Better Gas Mileage

Window Film applied to rear and side glass helps block solar heat and UV rays from entering the vehicle while allowing visible light in. This allows for more efficient A/C use causing more efficient gas consumption.

Residential Tint

Sputterflex Sputtered Series

Sputterflex’s metal construction allows for for the option of a warm copper shade or a dark neutral shade. This metal construction also provides high heat rejection, helping to lower energy costs while providing a comfortable lit environment. Sputterflex film greatly decreases glare, making screen time much easier through the day, while also blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Having a scratch resistant hard-coat makes this film long lasting.

Avery Dusted Crystal Luster Window Film

A new removable dusted crystal window film by Avery Dennison that replicates the effect of traditional etched glass but at a fraction of the cost! Available in a matte or gloss finish, this luster dusted crystal can transform any internal space by adding extra privacy, controlling the light intensity, and optimizing the aesthetic. From offices, conference rooms, schools, or even homes, this film will enhance any environment it is applied in. Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal Luster has a brighter appearance, with much higher gloss levels giving it a luminous sheen. It is also plotter cutter friendly which allows for branding or design opportunities.

Dualflex Dual Reflective Series

Dualflex’s outer metallized layer works by reflecting solar energy before it transmits through the glass while the inner layer uses low reflective carbon to offer maximum visibility. Constructed with an inner layer of carbon and an outer layer of vapor coated aluminum, Dualflex offers a natural, moderately reflective layer that produces an attractive appearance on any storefront or home. Carbon brings to the table no fading or color change. Dualflex offers an inviting, warm appearance that is suitable for homes and storefronts. While blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays, this film will be cutting your energy costs down too.

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